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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ask Bender!

In case you don't recognize him, that's Bender, the chain-smoking felonious robot from the brilliant animated series 'Futurama.'

What is a 52-year-old man doing with a Bender (in)action figure?

Bender often acts my writing muse. See, this is no ordinary Bender figure. He talks.

And, being Bender, he gets right to the point.

For instance, when today when I sat down to write, I was feeling tired and overwhelmed and frankly all I really wanted to do was fire up The Witcher and take on a side quest or two.

Instead, I asked Bender for advice, and he imparted the following words of patient wisdom:

It's a short video, but one replete with ancient wisdom.

It's also the perfect advice for me today -- shut up and get busy.

Thanks, Bender!


The Markhat Files now has its own Facebook page!

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Here's the link:

I've also updated the Paths of Shadow Facebook page. The link to that is below.

Stop by and say hello!

Bender is glaring at me. Time to get back to work. Take care all!