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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Update: The New Markhat Book, THE FIVE FACES, slated for June 2014 release!

I know it isn't Sunday, but I have news, and again it's good.

The new Markhat book, THE FIVE FACES, will be released next June. It was originally scheduled for a September release, but the good people at Samhain bumped the release up by a full three months.

I'm already at work on the 9th book in the series, which I'm calling THE DARKER CARNIVAL.

Mug and Meralda? No, I haven't forgotten them. Their next adventure, ALL THE TURNS OF LIGHT, is also underway.

Which means I'd better get back to work!

Just wanted to keep you folks in the loop.


  1. Any month with a Markhat book in it is a good month

  2. Hooray! Sooner is a VERY good thing. Can't wait!

  3. This is AMAZING news - congratulations! I've just started the series with Dead Man's Rain and I'm loving it. So pumped to know I have a whole series of books to look forwards to now!