Brown River Queen cover art

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bonus Tuesday Blog: BROWN RIVER QUEEN Release party!

It's Tuesday, March 26, and that can mean only one thing....

Yes, okay, it is time to renew my truck tag. So make that two things, with the most important being this:

BROWN RIVER QUEEN is now on sale!

You can get it from Amazon here, or from Barnes & Noble here, or from direct from the publisher in any format you please by going to Samhain Publishing.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Holly, my editor at Samhain, for all her hard work and enthusiasm on the project. Heck, thanks to everyone at Samhain, who are always a pleasure to work with!

I really hope you enjoy the book, which is the latest installment in the Markhat series. There are gamblers and vampires and guns and ghouls, all on a riverboat steaming toward certain doom.

I'm off to a signing at Barnes & Noble in Oxford. So from Mama Hog, Markhat, Darla, Evis, Gertriss, and of course Buttercup the banshee, safe sailing!


  1. Can't wait to read it. Just finishing up my other book before I can. :)


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  3. Got mine. Had it on pre-order. It actually arrived around 9PM MDT last night. Usually don't get pre-orders until after midnight PDT.

    Finally got Wife interested. She isn't much for fantasy of any type, but now she loves Markhat. Kindles, one account, no extra sales - sorry Frank. But we can read it at the same time which means no gunshots to bother the neighbors while we decide who gets to read first. Ain't life in the age of ebooks wonderful?

    Looking forward to it.

    Saintly Brees

  4. Finished and it, as expected, excellent. I'm just glad you didn't kill off a certain someone who is rapidly becoming my favorite character.

  5. Thanks, Saintly! Hope you enjoy it.

    Oh, and Black Cat, no worries there...heh heh heh.