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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doggie Update

Fletcher is home!  Home, and resting comfortably in his usual spot below the TV.

Max is happy to have his buddy back.

We gave him his first at-home insulin injection just a short time ago.  Karen did it, and did a great job!

Hopefully, we can all get back to normal around here now. I could certainly use some normalcy.

Thanks for all your emails and posts and words of concern. We really appreciate all of them!

Frank, Karen, Fletcher, Max, Lou Ann, Thor, Petey, Lamar, and Jake.


  1. Hooray! He must be so happy . . . and relieved (Max, too; hell, the whole family!) Odd -- isn't it? -- how dogs are prone to so many of the same diseases that afflict humans. I once had one with epilepsy.

    Give Fletcher plenty of pets and treats. :)

  2. You're poor sweet thing. I too have had an epileptic dog. Hopefully you are able to use the tiny tiny syringes people use. You can barely feel them go in. Hugs and squeeky toys to him for a speedy recovery.