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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SyFy Channel Makes More Wise Decisions

Remember a show called Farscape?

Anybody else love Stargate Universe?

Well, if so, you can add Eureka to the list of good shows the SyFy Channel has canceled.

I'm pretty pissed about it, too.  Sure, the science on Eureka was often, um, well.  Wrong is such a harsh word.  But I didn't mind, because the show was funny and bright and able to wink at itself.  It had engaging characters, all well-written and masterfully portrayed.  It was entertaining, and I'm not the easiest guy to entertain.

And now it's gone, because some blubbering dunderhead at SyFy decided it was too expensive to produce.

I'm sure it was expensive.  Quality usually is.  And I wouldn't be so angry about the cancellation if I had any confidence that Eureka would be replaced by something other than a lame supernatural reality show or a half-assed reboot of some obscure 80s failure.

Or, Chthulhu forbid, more wrestling.  

This just in --

(AP)  An interview with SyFy Channel executives regarding the cancellation of 'Eureka' revealed that the network is moving toward a "drunker, more violent, criminally-insane demographic" which prefers shows centered around "wrestling, improbably large reptiles, and frequent appearances by semi-nude WWF celebrities liberally covered in body oil."

"We understand that some Eureka fans are upset, but frankly we don't give a crap," claimed one executive. "Have you seen my drink?"

"Isn't sci-fi supposed to be about giant snakes anyway?" asked another, as he fumbled with his bong. "Giant snakes and that Tiffany chick, right? Super."

The show destined to replace 'Eureka' in its Monday evening time slot, 'WrestlerSnake EXTREME," is already in production and will begin airing early next year.


  1. Hi Frank! I'm a fellow Samhain author who just discovered you and is going to go and buy all your Finder books. Beth is my editor and recommended them. I loved Dead Man's Rain.

    Okay, now to Eureka. It's not April so this isn't an April Fool's joke, right? I'm so bummed and dread telling my husband. We love Eureka. Haven't liked it as much with the time travel/new dimension bit but the characters are just so wonderful. What is it about this channel? Wrestling and ridiculous creature features and they toss out quality shows? I like your, um, AP report. Sad thing is, I can see them sitting there NOT caring. Firefly, Eureka, grrr.

  2. Hi Cassie! Good to meet you! Thanks for the kind words -- I'm about to hit your website and then grab a book of yours.

    About Eureka -- I'm afraid it's no joke. One day SyFy announced they were buying 6 new episodes for next season. that made everyone a bit nervous, since the usual order is 13. But SyFy assured the cast and crew all was well.

    The next day, the series was cancelled and the six extra eps were a no-go. Most of the cast found about about it via Twitter, I hear. Stay classy, SyFy.

    They have been given permission to shoot the last episode as a series finale. they start work on it next week. Very sad.

    But still nice to meet you! Do you think we drive Beth crazy, or what?

  3. That really stinks, you know? I told my husband he wondered if it had anything to do with the time travel/change-up.

    Nice to meet you too! I'm sure we do. Or try. I'm waiting to hear if she'll take on book 2 of my Relic Defender series. I suspect she will - unless she hates the first 100 pages. I didn't know we were supposed to have to wait when we have a publisher. :-D It's okay though - I think Beth and Samhain area great. Now, I'm off to read Banshee (finished the first two - wonderful!)